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Basic Healthy Knowledge for Computer Addicts

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This is an age that almost everything is related to computers, like both work and entertainment. No matter for which reason we need to sit before a computer for a long time, we need to know some relevant knowledge for ourselves in prevention of impairment to our bodies. Since I am such a guy that seem to have trouble to live on without operating my computer everyday, I prepare myself the information below and share it here.

Firstly, how to lessen the radiative impact from the monitor to our face? It's not make no sense that while people tell us playing computer is harmful to our facial skin. There are charge movings on the monitor, though slowly it is, sure it will expand and reach out to our faces and then it draw the dust containing opposite charge. After that our face actually have been, exaggerated and appropriate discribed, greasy and dusty. The overmuch grease on our face may be caused by a continuous irritation to the oil gland, or the balancing for losing moisture, but the reason never counts, it's solution that we want. The solution is very simple, we only need to clean our monitors every now and then before they are too dusty, and leave the seat to have our faces washed when too greasy.

And then we turn to our body, for the sake of preventing from spondylopathy, lumber spondylopathy, and vision diseases, we'd better walk away from the computer and exercise, like serving yourself a cup of beverage and staring at the pretty girl outside the window, for a few minutes. If you are as lazy as me, I suggest that do not exceed tow hours between two interlude, and the proportion should be five munites' repose to every one hour's operating, and telling from my own experience it will have more evidently effect if the proportion expand to ten munites every hour especially for the eyes.

Lastly, the internal part of our body, the  vitamin section of nutrition,  little but significant. Of course, sports is good for life, but for lazybones memorising the important vitamins is more practical than improving immunity by sports. Liver is the most important organ in human detoxification, people who often operate a computer for a continously long time are often stay up late in night to a great extent, when we stay up late our immunity weakened and the liver is overburdened, this would result in a certain illness after accumulated overburdened impacts. So we need to assure our sufficient intake of vitamin B complex, this vitamin B can help preventing liver from illness and recover it from overburdened impairment. while we were staying up late or overtired on computer, our mental state and our nerves became intense which result in the additional secretion of adrenalin to balance and adjust our body, and it necessiate the sufficient intake of vitamin C. Vitamin can help preventing visual fatigue and vitamin B, C, E help with the nervous system.

An reasonable and balanced diet is completely enough to solve this vitamins intake,  we only need to check the coposition o our food and make up the deficiency other than to take drugs like vitamin complex tablet. To simplify the method, we can find most of the vitamin B in meats as well as vitamin A and C in fruits and vegetables. This vitamins are essential but not substantial so it is unnecessary for someone not a very serious picky eater to take vitamin tablets, not even who stays up late and works weary-on-computer. After all, natural is better than artificial.

so, all in all, for health's sake, to deal with facing computer for a long time,  we only need to avoid being a picky eater, and to appreciate the passerby beauties outside the window.
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