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Can You Describe Your Style in Words?

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Can You Describe Your Style in Words?

I'm curious as to how everyone would differentiate or try to describe their style in words. What I'm envisioning is basically being stripped of using an image as a crutch, but instead trying to paint a picture of what that style is about through a description of the clothing or even of the setting that you would envision as being ideal for you (weather, surroundings, decor, etc.).

My rationale is that it will actually be really difficult to do, but it will be rather telling in terms of how you try to mold yourself and stand apart from the crowd.

My approach to this is much less about the clothing and much more about the image and the setting as a whole. I'll give it a go as an example:

**I've always seen my style as a dressed down twist on a "refined gentleman." The type of man that you would expect to return home to a study, surrounded by rich woods with a Waterford Crystal decanter of scotch on a side table. A dog sleeping on a rug in front of a hearth bursting forth with warm, inviting flames. There is a distinct aroma of pipe tobacco, vanilla, and a hint of cinnamon, fleeting in its traces to the point of making you question whether it was just your imagination in the first place. It's cold outside with a dusting of fresh snow on the windowsill, making this space seem like even more of an oasis among the surrounding world.

The gentleman gets home after a long day, props his feet up on his desk, and embraces the warmth and coziness of this haven he has created for himself. This exact moment is the one that I seek to embody. He's a bit disheveled from the day; maybe his shirt isn't perfectly pressed anymore or he's rolled up his sleeves. At the same time though, he is distinctly and intentionally masculine in his image. He's inviting, warm, and trustworthy from a first impression. **

So when I look at shaping my wardrobe or picking pieces, this is the moment that I try to capture. It's not really in the formality of the dress that I place my focus, but rather the image that it conveys. I tend to find myself asking if that guy in that setting would look out of place in a piece or an outfit. It's about portraying the notion that I'm willing to work hard and get things done without getting worn down. A little frayed around the edges (intentionally) but always put together and distinctly masculine. I also like this image because this man is dressing for himself. He's in his own home, in a space that defines and is built around him. He could be in a robe and still not be out of place. At the same time, I like to think that this guy's public image is one in which people could join him in this exact moment and not be disappointed by their expectations (i.e. the way he looks in public is perfectly concordant with how he fits into this setting).

So that's a pass at the style I try to embody and the image I want to portray for myself (I certainly won't be writing a best-seller anytime soon so it could definitely be composed much better!) I would expect (and hope) that others on here would have a completely different image they think describes their style or even a different approach as to how they would attempt to convey it. On that note, anyone else care to give it a try?

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