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Elon Musks ITS plans to send humans to Mars (hopefully)

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COOL! Elon Musks ITS will send people to Mars (hopefully)

About 1,5 weeks ago Elon Musks ITS was released to the public, it will hopefully send about 100 people to mars in 2026. The launch vehicle of the ITS is slightly bigger than the Saturn V, the biggest rocket built so far in history.

Any opnions?

Spacecraft to Mars

Elon Musks ITS plans to send humans to Mars (hopefully) - Popteen Magazine - Spacecraft to Mars

Elon Musk just shared his ambitious 4-step plan for colonizing Mars with a million people. Here's Elon Musk’s Plan To Send 1 Million To Mars In Next 40 Years

SpaceX’s billionaire founder Elon Musk answered questions on Reddit Monday about his plans to send a manned spacecraft to Mars and colonize the Red Planet within a decade.

Just like the Falcon 9, the ITS launch vehicle will land softly on the ground and could be re-used. Once the ITS is in Earth Orbit, another version of the ITS, attaches itself to the ITS crew vehicle and refuels the ITS crew vehicle for a refuel so it has enough fuel to land in Mars.

The fuel the ITS uses is Methane, wich could actually be found on Mars, so you can drill some fuel from Mars for a return to Earth. Unlike any spacecraft, the interior is like a cruise ship, where 100 astronauts can hang around in. This is very different from the Soyuz vehicle, wich is small and tight, it can only take 3 people to a space station in Low Earth Orbit. Any questions?

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