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Family Matters - Got issues with a significant other, parent, child? Don't know what to make for dinner? Got stanky laundry and you're running the
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My uncle tried to molest me. What should I do? Freshman jenna_19 2018-10-10 03421 jenna_19 2018-10-10 02:29
Should I let my daughter study in a foreign counrty? Freshman melissa45 2018-10-5 01846 melissa45 2018-10-5 00:40
Meeting her family for the first time. Any tips for the prep? Freshman tensebf36 2018-9-25 01887 tensebf36 2018-9-25 01:08
She can't accept that she's adopted. How to console her? Freshman boyfriend143 2018-9-18 01676 boyfriend143 2018-9-18 21:53
I'm afraid I can't make it to college. Freshman mikenelson 2018-9-18 01646 mikenelson 2018-9-18 02:08
The confrontation with my mom didn't turn out well. thegamer27 2018-9-13 01555 thegamer27 2018-9-13 01:01
Coming out to my parents is nerve-wracking Freshman tylerwhite 2018-8-27 01242 tylerwhite 2018-8-27 23:45
My younger sister is getting spoiled. Freshman monross 2018-8-14 01204 monross 2018-8-14 00:32
Chinese culture is giving me headache. Freshman chenlee 2018-8-12 01291 chenlee 2018-8-12 23:27
My son is in love with a foreign...man? Freshman willdavis 2018-8-2 01226 willdavis 2018-8-2 04:34
How can I make my dad say yes? Freshman janem98 2018-7-26 01141 janem98 2018-7-26 23:42
How can I recover from losing them? Freshman healmyheart 2018-7-26 01117 healmyheart 2018-7-26 02:36
Dad is dating a new woman Freshman animelover01 2018-7-19 01184 animelover01 2018-7-19 00:33
I saw my sister's profile on one of those matchmaking sites Freshman keeprockin23 2018-7-18 01081 keeprockin23 2018-7-18 02:39
I can't let the "win-free-tour" to LONDON slip away! Freshman ollieDswimmer 2018-7-15 01026 ollieDswimmer 2018-7-15 23:27
I found out that my daughter signed up as an internet bride. Freshman ramone49 2018-7-4 01205 ramone49 2018-7-4 03:44
We fell in love with the same woman. Help! Freshman alwaysthegiver08 2018-6-28 01167 alwaysthegiver08 2018-6-28 00:29
Should I let my mom join internet brides? Freshman beyondhorizon38 2018-6-18 01159 beyondhorizon38 2018-6-18 23:45
My mom just told me something. She’s afraid that I see her differently. Freshman scottben03 2018-6-17 0947 scottben03 2018-6-17 17:42
Is it possible to find my biological parents? Freshman anakelly23 2018-5-7 01479 anakelly23 2018-5-7 00:38
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