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How Adam & Eve Discovered Sex

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How Adam & Eve Discovered Sex?

When did Adam and Eve have sex? How was sex discovered.. and another question? What were Adam and Eve doing when they discovered sex? Working on gettin a pic up..

well how did adam and eve discovered sex?

and btw, my mom said they probably didnt hv a language bk then... soo how did they tell each other wat movement their doing and stuff... and did eve moan? lol haha not funny

my other question: how did the women survive with their periods back then? im sure they didnt have anything on... so would they still be walking around? haha

btw, tell me also if you hv asked/thought about this too.
Update: i dont read the bible. im not christian

Why did Adam and Eve become aware of their nakedness only after they?

Does that mean prior to eating the apple they didn't have sex? Was original sin having sex itself, or being tempted by the serpent?

Didn't God make Eve to be a wife to Adam, so didn't He design sexual desire and sexual relations to be part of that? Didn't He intend for them to have children?

Was having sex and getting pregnant only possible post-Fall, and if love and family is so important to Christianity, why is sexual desire so looked down upon like in the above (and the story of Mary and the virgin birth)?

Adam Eve Apple

How Adam & Eve Discovered Sex - Popteen Magazine - Adam Eve Apple

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