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How do I view myself properly in a mirror?

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How do I view myself properly in a mirror? I guess my question is which mirrors are correct? And/or where do I need to stand to see myself accurately/the way other people will see me?

I hope it's okay to make a new post for this, I was going to post it in simple questions but it got longer than I expected and I wasn't sure it was simple anymore.

My problem is that when I try on clothes in dressing rooms, I like how they look on me, but when I get home and look in my own mirror they look different/not as flattering. I'm worried because I read somewhere once that stores use altered/"funhouse" mirrors that make you appear taller/thinner so more people will buy their clothes, I have no idea where I even read that but it's been living in the back of my mind for years and makes me feel like my home mirror is showing the truth. If that's one of those things that depends on the store, Target was my most recent dressing room and is what I'm basing this post on.

On the other hand, when I was thinking about it I realized I stand much farther away from the mirrors in dressing rooms than from my home mirror, and that made me wonder if it has more to do with distance from the mirror than anything else. My mirror also isn't the highest quality, if that's a thing? It was the cheapest full-length mirror at Target and it hangs on a door. In order to both be in the light and see myself in the mirror, I can't stand more than ~3ft away from it. I want to buy a freestanding mirror but haven't yet, and there are no mirrors anywhere in my house except the basic bathroom vanity one which I'm too short to see my legs in.

I just feel so frustrated when I try on fitted clothes and feel really confident, but then I get home and try to wear them and they look completely different. I'm trying so hard to branch out from my standard leggings + giant sweatshirt/tshirt I can hide in, but it feels impossible when I have no way of knowing how things actually look. And to make things even more difficult, I don't have a single local friend that I can take shopping with me to give me advice/perspective. ):

So..I guess my question is which mirrors are correct? And/or where do I need to stand to see myself accurately/the way other people will see me? Thank you so much to anyone who can help, and I'm sorry again if this should go somewhere else, please let me know if it should and I'll fix it!

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