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How many clothes do you own?

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Keene, New Hampshire, and Foxborough, Massachusetts
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How many clothes do you own?

Hey For awhile now, I've felt that I own way too much. Probably because I come from what I will call a family of hoarders -- or perhaps it's less about hoarding, more about just not bring arsed to clean anything up or ever organise (I am scared the loft will collapse down on my any day, and believe me, it probably will).

Anyway, as a result, I've been going on some binge clear-outs in the last year. At the height, I donated 3 huge bin-bags' worth of clothes, most still fitting, just unwanted, to charity. Though I still feel I own too much! I've never done a proper count (probably will tomorrow!), but here's off the top of my head:

+ 10-15 pairs of underwear
+ ∞‎ socks (we all borrow socks in my house as we're all the same foot size ), 1 pair of long socks, + 2 pairs of hold-ups
+ 5 pairs of jeans
+ 1 pair of sweatpants
+ 2 pairs of shorts
+ 2 dresses
+ 5 bandeau shirts (non-bra)
+ 6-10 bras, 2 sports bras
+ 10-12 tank tops
+ 5-7 t-shirts
+ 2 flannels
+ 5 fleece-type (?) normal hoodies
+ 5-6 jackets other than hoodies, some still with hoods though
+ 2 winter hats, 2 caps, 1 beanie
+ 1 raincoat overall thing
+ 1 bikini
+ 1 pair of trainers I wear regularly, 1 pair of boots I wear occasionally for 'formal' occasions (they hurt my feet like shit though after a few hours... I have weak arches ), about 8-10 other shoes I don't wear at all (mostly Converse-type shoes, very unsupportive, hence why I don't wear them much anymore)

So, yeah. In total that's about 8 bottoms, 22-26 tops, and 10-11 jackets with hoodies.

The number of bottoms honestlying seems fine to me, and the number of shoes I know where to cut down (i.e. get rid of near-all of them). But I'm still unsure on the tops and jackets! Problem is, I find I tend to wear the same things over and over. I get into a cycle of 'Oh, this just came out the laundry, it's nice, I might as well wear it', do, put it back in the laundry, and the cycle repeats. As such, I've never worn a lot of the stuff I own in a few years!!

What do you guys think?

TL;DR - I own 22-26 tops and 10-11 jackets. I haven't worn some of them in years, though they all fit and I still like them! I seem to just rewear stuff as soon as it's out of the laundry. Is it time to donate to charity again...?

(PS. I am in sixth form / college and plan to go to university. As such, I won't really need an abundance of work clothes for 5 years, so casual stuff is only really what's necessary. I'm also in the UK and rarely holiday outside it so temperature is pretty mild all around.)

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