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Should I feel pity for my dad or get angry?

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My dad and mom had been separated since I was five years old. When I started schooling, my mom decided to work abroad for my finances. She went to a foreign country to support my needs. My dad on the other hand, is just fooling around. By the time that I graduated and got myself a job, he always asks for money. He does not have a stable job, so that’s why. One time, it was my birthday. He came to my grandma’s house to surprise me with his presence. I understand that he wasn’t able to bring anything because he doesn’t have a job. When he asked me for money again on my birthday, I felt bad. He said he’s already working as a construction worker and that he needed money for allowance. As a daughter, I gave him money that can suffice until his next payday. I don’t know if I should feel angry or pitiful for him. I mean, he should have worked hard for himself rather than fooling around with some of his friends. For almost 17 years, he was like that. It does not mean he won’t work at all just because I give him money whenever he asks.

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