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Am I gay or just a victim of abuse?

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What's wrong with my sex identification? Am I gay or just a victim of abuse?

hi, I'm 15. And I was sexually abused when I was 9 and 10.

Around that time, I realized I guess that I didn't identify as male. And also I kind of wanted to crossdress outside of the abuse itself. On top of that, I have kind of like fantasies about having sex with guys most of the time while crossdressing. And like passing for female.

When I was like 12 I started trying to go out and dress like a girl and pass for a female. Which I actually did pretty well. Which it kind of encouraged me. Also on top of that.

I always find myself interested in being with guys that I shouldn't like be interested in. Which has really led me into a great deal of trouble. But that really does turn me on.

My mom says everything I do is because of the abuse. But I don't know. I don't know how to really decipher if this is truly how I am without having to do with the abuse or not tbh. Advice?

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