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My crush doesn't ask me many questions when we text - help?

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My crush doesn't ask me many questions when we text - help?

Hey all,

I mean, its not that he responds with just 1-2 words. It's just that we have been texting since like 2 pm today, with gaps of course, (now its almost 9 here) and he only asked me one question a couple of hours ago about something we were talking about. This is our first time really texting, but before I asked him for his number, he initiated a conversation with me on Facebook Messenger, when he was under NO obligation to do so, whatsoever, basically asking me about what I thought about what happened in class that day.

Like, for example, he recently replied to me saying:

''It's for nursing school, actually! I have to take microbio''

That's all he said, when he could have added on and asked me what MY plans are, post-college, right?

But he is good in person though. The other week, we were talking about not litering, since he noticed I accidentally left my plastic sushi tray under my desk, after class, I talked for a bit, and then he asked me if I've ever seen this movie about the environment.?

He just hasn't done this via text often....

Should I take this as a sign of disinterest, honestly, or am I being too harsh and thinking about it too much? If I should stop wasting my time and energy with him, I will.

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