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My girlfriend is making me feel unimportant.

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When were still in college, my girlfriend was already making me feel unwanted. She seldom made time for me. We were both engineering students way back. Since it is a life-and-death degree, I understood her way of treating me. She was so busy aiming to the top that she forgot I was waiting for her to realize my presence. With her strict parents, I still understood why she became like that. Ukraine women are known for being family-oriented and she’s not an exception. When we graduated in college, I was glad not just because I survived the hell years of my student life, but also because I knew she will make it up to me. I was wrong because she was again busy with her career. I was busy with my career too but I always find time for her. I never make her feel unwanted. I wonder why she cannot do the same. I know there’s no one else. I do not doubt her love because I’m pretty sure she loves me just like how I love her. The only problem is that she’s making me feel unimportant. We already talked about it but same things happen after few weeks. How should I ask her to see my worth? How should I tell her I am always waiting for her? How should I ask her to prove she loves me? I am playing martyr and I know that. I just need an advice on this.

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