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Skincare Routine: What goes better with healthy skin than flossing teeth

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Add flossing to your skincare routine?

No, "flossing" isn't a new technique - I mean your teeth! If you need time to let something soak in or dry, floss your teeth in the meantime. It gives you something to do, takes about the same amount of time each time, and you should be doing it anyway!

I always floss in the evening. I get compliments year after year from my dentist. If you have really tight space in between your teeth don't let that stop you! Simply buy the ribbon type of floss. It's a flat tape and works very well. I get the home brand Life from Shoppers. I do this so my skin dries before tretinoin. I actually RAN OUT of floss once (I didn't know that could happen!) and my hygienist told me I'm a "damn good flosser." And my skin is less peely, to boot.

If you don't currently floss every day, just try giving it a shot tonight after you brush your teeth. You will see all the gunk your toothbrush doesn't remove. Give it a sniff, if you dare. Day after day, this shit builds up, and your body attempts to deal with it by calcifying it, creating tartar, which not only further rots your teeth but also smells like ass. Anytime I feel too lazy to floss, I remind myself of this lovely fact and immediately feel inspired to get in there.

Skincare Routine: What goes better with healthy skin than healthy teeth?

Skincare Routine

Skincare Routine: What goes better with healthy skin than flossing teeth - Popteen Magazine - Skincare Routine

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