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Sneakiest way you've Masturbated?

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Sneakiest way you've Masturbated?

So, being in a college dorm is challenging, both just for getting along with someone who you've typically not known before, let alone also realizing that privacy when it comes to 'certain matters' has never been as scarce as I have found. I have found that if your hoping for the ideal and usual when it comes to taking care of those needs that it is indeed far away from the comforts of home and that if you dont take some risks/find alternative methods your just going to be one frustrated girl. Everyones situation is different. With classes and also considering my roomates schedual and coming and goings I am lucky if I get one to two days out of the week where I actually have the room to myself for mayybeee an hour. On those days I take advantage and make sure that i do it cuz you never no when you'll get those chances.

Other than that, the reality is alot of 'quickies'( i've learned the art by now lol), and also guilty of ninja rubbing late at night--trust me....you learn masturbation techniques very quickly how to do it quietly lol ( only if my roomie is asleep). I've heard my roomate once after two weeks into living with her at night very faintly ( we all know the subtle cues and sounds of the deed)?

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