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Wear Black Pants to Wedding Tomorrow? Light Makeup? It's Not Formal Enough

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Wear Black Pants to Wedding Tomorrow? Light Makeup? It's Not Formal Enough

Wedding tomorrow (I know super last minute), questioning my choice, worried it's not formal enough. (Want to wear pants.)

Update: So I stuck with the black pants, purple shirt, black shrug/shawl and black wedge sandals. I not only went through my closet but my mom's as well (because if anyone would have a glittery/sparkly shrug or shawl, it would be her). But nothing I found really paired well with the outfit or was that much better.

I did find a necklace to pair with the outfit, a swaroski (sp?) pearl and beaded necklace I made myself. Couldn't find my gold heels but I applied some metallic light copper nail polish on my toes for some added color.

I also did end up applying some very light makeup. Tinted lip gloss and eye liner, also attempted to curl my hair. I must say, for somebody who hasn't done any eye liner or touched a curling iron for well over 3 years, I thought I did decently well.

As for the wedding itself... At first I thought I was the only one in pants, and was very much like, oh crap! (Yep, even the older ladies were in skirts!) But then after the ceremony I ran into someone I knew who was also in pants so whew. I was expecting a few more women actually, but in total there were 3 (including the photographer, but the photographer being in pants and not a dress makes sense). There were even some dresses that I thought were maybe too casual. (One woman had on a dress that I thought was on the shorter side, I think it was maybe mid-thigh if not even shorter.) Overall though, I thought I fit in well and didn't stand out too much. I guess given the dress code, it was pretty diverse and varied.

Thanks everyone for the advice! I definitely tried to take it all in. However as much I wanted to shop more to find some of your suggestions I just didn't have the time. Thanks again!

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