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What will people wear to 2010s-themed parties 50 years from now?

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What will people wear to 2010s-themed parties 50 years from now?

This is something I think about a lot and I'd love to hear FFA's thoughts.

You know how if someone throws a 70s party, most people will show up in psychedelic prints, bell-bottoms, headbands, those colorful round sunglasses, go-go boots or platform shoes -- maybe big lapels and lots of polyester?

Basically, most people are going to show up in hippie or disco-inspired outfits, and that's easily recognizable as the 1970s -- even though that's of course not how most people in the 70s dressed on a daily basis.

This isn't a criticism of lack of historical accuracy in costume parties -- I think certain looks get singled out as representative of an era because they're fun, silly, distinct, and recognizable.

So what I'm wondering is: What will a 2010s theme party look like? I don't know if I have a good answer! It doesn't seem to correlate to what is fashionable or even what is average, so I'm curious to know what you all think!

+ What will be the "standard" look?
+ What will be the generic look you buy in a bag at a costume store?
+ What will particularly fashionable people wear (ex, those folks who go full Mad Men for a 60s party)?
+ What makeup and beauty trends will be iconic?
+ What colors or patterns will be recognizable as 2010s?

eta: I should have clarified, but I meant the decade of the 2010s, not 2010 specifically! And because fashion generations often start later than the beginning of the decade (like how "80s fashion" is really more mid-80s to early 90s), that could mean we're currently at Peak 2010s.
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