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Long distance relationship? Not a problem. Freshman radiant1978 2018-2-28 0214 radiant1978 2018-2-28 06:37
My fiance is older than my mom Freshman lizgirl95 2018-2-26 0230 lizgirl95 2018-2-26 01:23
My girlfriend talks about settling down... what do I do? Freshman iloveyoubabe 2018-2-21 0266 iloveyoubabe 2018-2-21 00:07
How do you know it's the right time to settle down? Freshman reallyinlove40 2018-2-13 0295 reallyinlove40 2018-2-13 00:54
How to impress her on our first date? Need advice! Freshman imyourdateguy 2018-2-12 0248 imyourdateguy 2018-2-12 00:41
Someone followed me on Instagram... Freshman andrewlopez45 2018-2-5 0286 andrewlopez45 2018-2-5 23:58
What is it like to join a dating site? Freshman myloveisreal 2018-2-1 0384 myloveisreal 2018-2-1 03:56
Ukraine's "City of Brides" - Is it worth visiting? Freshman looking_love 2018-1-15 0333 looking_love 2018-1-15 04:40
Living in the Philippines Freshman greatman 2018-1-5 0296 greatman 2018-1-5 04:44
Will joining a singles tour help me move on from my failed marriage? Freshman divorceman 2018-1-3 0296 divorceman 2018-1-3 00:35
Planning to visit my Ukrainian girlfriend Freshman lovingman 2017-12-20 0296 lovingman 2017-12-20 03:31
Meeting a woman in Dominican Republic lucky35 2017-12-13 0330 lucky35 2017-12-13 05:02
Finding love as I explore Cebu, Philippines lucky35 2017-12-11 0277 lucky35 2017-12-11 01:33
Is it okay to date a divorced woman with a child? I met her online. Advice please? Freshman luke111 2017-12-6 0290 luke111 2017-12-6 17:36
My foreign girlfriend is older than me. Is that okay? I need advice! Freshman juan123 2017-12-5 0315 juan123 2017-12-5 18:02
Joining singles tour in Costa Rica lucky35 2017-11-28 0290 lucky35 2017-11-28 03:13
I want to join a Singles Tour... I need some advice! Freshman lucky35 2017-11-13 0367 lucky35 2017-11-13 23:53
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