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  Topics Forum Author Replies
Suicide Publish Your Articles Online sobia 2021-1-9 0 748
I’m having some doubts Love Advice: Ask An Expert Aphnenyx 2020-1-17 0 2187
My Photo Rate My Picture! jamesoon 2019-12-5 0 2988
Help? Love Advice: Ask An Expert YoungNFree 2019-10-20 0 1377
My uncle tried to molest me. What should I do? Family Matters jenna_19 2018-10-10 0 3163
Is it rightful to choose the best partner for my son? Family concern101 2018-10-9 0 2990
Mom came back after bailing for 20 years. Emotions and Feelings sonindoubt93 2018-10-8 0 4207
I just lost my husband before our baby comes out. Emotions and Feelings preggywife30 2018-10-5 0 1585
Should I let my daughter study in a foreign counrty? Family Matters melissa45 2018-10-5 0 1611
I met an aggressive and unpredictable Colombian woman Love Advice: Ask An Expert roland07 2018-10-3 0 2134
My son has been bullied in school. What to do? Emotions and Feelings worriedmom45 2018-10-3 0 1666
Any tips for LDRs? Boyfriends & Girlfriends ldrelationship25 2018-9-25 0 3242
Meeting her family for the first time. Any tips for the prep? Family Matters tensebf36 2018-9-25 0 1671
Seeing him in his deathbed didn't change the way I feel. Family karinagomez 2018-9-25 0 1683
I let him go but I did not regret it. Boyfriends & Girlfriends brokenheart27 2018-9-24 0 1969
Visited Thailand for the first time and admire its women! Love Advice: Ask An Expert charlesxx 2018-9-24 0 1833
My gf got mad over a MAC eyeshadow palettes. Emotions and Feelings hurtingbf32 2018-9-21 0 1627
Just moved in Mexico and I feel alienated. Life Issues & Advice clairerich18 2018-9-21 0 2743
Her parents make me feel I am after their wealth only. Love Advice: Ask An Expert frankdiaz 2018-9-21 0 1759
1st time playing mobile legends. Any tips for a better win? Mobile Apps / Tablet Games mobilegamer90 2018-9-20 0 2833
My sister did not come home after a fight with my mom. Family cutypie26 2018-9-20 0 1718
She wants a baby but I am not yet ready to be a father.. Love Advice: Ask An Expert gregevans 2018-9-20 0 1713
Do pick up lines still work on women from USA? General Love, Dating and Relationship Discussions pickupline35 2018-9-19 0 3111
How do I deal with a workaholic boyfriend? Boyfriends & Girlfriends stressgf26 2018-9-19 0 1710
My friend's boyfriend is hitting on me. Love Advice: Ask An Expert krizialopez 2018-9-19 0 1665
She can't accept that she's adopted. How to console her? Family Matters boyfriend143 2018-9-18 0 1531
I'm afraid I can't make it to college. Family Matters mikenelson 2018-9-18 0 1492
My boyfriend has a smelly armpit. Should I tell him? Emotions and Feelings problemgf25 2018-9-17 0 1436
My girlfriend is in her monthly pain. How can I help her? Female Health & Hygiene adampayne29 2018-9-17 0 2768
He's back and I'm confused again. Breaking Up, Reconciliation & Coping samforshort27 2018-9-16 0 3116
How do you know she's the one? Relationships randygarcia25 2018-9-14 0 2943
How to tame a shopaholic wife? Emotions and Feelings unhappyhusband 2018-9-14 0 1417
I wanna be a broadway singer but my parents won't support me. Life Issues & Advice singingislife28 2018-9-13 0 1254
The confrontation with my mom didn't turn out well. Family Matters thegamer27 2018-9-13 0 1415
My parents are so irresponsible. Family fineyounglady 2018-9-13 0 1424
How do I deal with male chauvinist gamers? Fun Activities thegamer27 2018-9-12 0 2722
I want to ask her out but I'm doubtful. Relationships blakecooper29 2018-9-12 0 1422
I stopped loving someone who doesn't care? Boyfriends & Girlfriends soonbride26 2018-9-11 0 1532
Should my client refund my damaged equipment? Events mrtim80 2018-9-11 0 3286
Is being conservative in a relationship bad? Emotions and Feelings foodlover90 2018-9-11 0 1391
Do I still love her or is this just nostalgia having her again? Relationships nath09 2018-9-10 0 1473
Which dumpling taste best? Cooking foodlover90 2018-9-10 0 3338
My family won't allow me to marry early Family mandystewart26 2018-9-9 0 1292
Dad wants me to be his chaperone for his coming date General Love, Dating and Relationship Discussions javachipfrapp 2018-9-9 0 1540
My wife is not happy with our marriage anymore. What should I do? Courtship and Marriage blueboltSD 2018-9-7 0 2846
I saw my dad chatting another woman Support Groups Chat goldenson88 2018-9-7 0 3354
I'm confused whether she likes me or not. Love Advice: Ask An Expert jamieson29 2018-9-6 0 1528
Going on my first Ukraine ski trip! What to prepare? Travel Advice & Trip Ideas skitripper25 2018-9-6 0 2457
She's very attached. I don't like it. Boyfriends & Girlfriends customer101 2018-9-6 0 1608
Should I accept the company's offer? Careers & Jobs lukehill93 2018-9-6 0 2865
She got fired because of me. What can I do? Support Groups Chat customer101 2018-9-5 0 1400
Should I take the risk of falling in love with him? Singles Chat doubtfulwoman 2018-9-5 0 1400
Ukraine women are terrible roommates! School & College Chat sweetstudent19 2018-9-4 0 1387
Am I just overthinking or she really isn't into me anymore? Boyfriends & Girlfriends overthinking25 2018-9-4 0 1474
Am I falling in love or I just got used to our setup? Love Advice: Ask An Expert echo94 2018-9-4 0 1544
Should I delete our photos on Instagram? Emotions and Feelings hurtingme30 2018-9-3 0 1195
I miss her but it feels like I'm just disturbing her. Love Advice: Ask An Expert doubtmind 2018-9-3 0 1472
My ex boyfriend keeps chasing me to get back together. Breaking Up, Reconciliation & Coping cristylicious08 2018-9-2 0 1516
Dreams that turn into ashes. Love Advice: Ask An Expert lizzie92 2018-9-2 0 1343
LDR: Is it worth the risk? Love Advice: Ask An Expert riskingme86 2018-8-30 0 1386
Which is better? DC or Marvel? Movie Reviews and Criticism seve97 2018-8-30 0 2321
She'll get married soon and I got invited. Heartbroken Chat sadexbf79 2018-8-30 0 1138
Is drinking soda for 4 consecutive days a bad thing? Diet & Nutrition allenprice 2018-8-29 0 2662
Am I obligated to continue working for my boss? Chat Room: Chat, Chat, Chat Online employed35 2018-8-29 0 1302
How do I get rid of these lingering feelings? Love Advice: Ask An Expert lesterjr 2018-8-28 0 1309
How to cope with a toxic work environment? Chat Room: Chat, Chat, Chat Online workingmom45 2018-8-28 0 1361
Coming out to my parents is nerve-wracking Family Matters tylerwhite 2018-8-27 0 1115
Pressure to get married. What do I do? Guys Chat pressuremind29 2018-8-27 0 1175
My aunt is getting married for the fourth time? Girls Chat worryingniece 2018-8-23 0 1195
I keep getting notifications from a marriage agency. Getting a Date curious123 2018-8-22 0 2976
Studying while soaking my feet? School & College Chat sweetbachelor 2018-8-22 0 984
She is nagging too much and I can't handle it anymore. Love Advice: Ask An Expert nagginggf28 2018-8-21 0 1251
I want him to stop but I don't know how to tell him. Friends AverylovesMUSIC 2018-8-20 0 2787
Why are Kiev ladies such snobs? Guys Chat doubtman25 2018-8-20 0 980
I'm meeting my stepsis and I don't know what to feel. Singles Chat halfsister83 2018-8-19 0 1068
What's life after marriage? Courtship and Marriage jasonadler 2018-8-17 0 1041
I miss my ex-boyfriend so much Breaking Up, Reconciliation & Coping hawkgirl92 2018-8-17 0 1934
Going to a foreign socials. Any tips for preparing? Singles Chat excited101 2018-8-17 0 843
I saw my brother cheating on her girlfriend. Guys Chat cheatingbrother123 2018-8-16 0 1011
How do you know if you're a boring bf? Love Advice: Ask An Expert boringme28 2018-8-16 0 1324
She's bossy and it's killing me. Love Advice: Ask An Expert ryananderson 2018-8-15 0 1351
Need help organizing a win free tour? Travel Tours soexciting30 2018-8-15 0 2434
How do you heal a broken heart? Breaking Up, Reconciliation & Coping healmyheart87 2018-8-15 0 1558
I'm hurting her and she deserves to know. Love Advice: Ask An Expert danielcooper 2018-8-14 0 1361
Tom Cruise's new movie is insane International Movies millard 2018-8-14 0 2380
A bf or sugar daddy?-- I dunno what I am. Love Advice: Ask An Expert bfdad40 2018-8-14 0 1193
My younger sister is getting spoiled. Family Matters monross 2018-8-14 0 1061
Planning the engagement party of the person I love. Singles Chat dreamingman 2018-8-13 0 907
Chinese culture is giving me headache. Family Matters chenlee 2018-8-12 0 1168
Would you let her go even if she means the world to you? Love Advice: Ask An Expert stupidbf35 2018-8-12 0 1366
An HP fan theory. Does it make sense? Movies: Pick What You are Watching or Watched theelderwand32 2018-8-10 0 2821
Gonna cook Peruvian dish. Needs suggestions! Diet & Nutrition katemcbride 2018-8-10 0 1006
Should pedophilia be tolerated? Love Advice: Ask An Expert caringman30 2018-8-10 0 1357
Need advertising tips on dating sites. What's On Your Mind? jamgirl25 2018-8-9 0 3171
My son is suffering from sleep paralysis. What should I do? General Health & Wellbeing worriedDAD 2018-8-9 0 2650
Is it possible for a lesbian to change for a foreign man? Guys Chat curiousitystrike 2018-8-8 0 955
I am torn between two lovers Love Advice: Ask An Expert marizdegamo 2018-8-8 0 1153
I think my gf might be bi / gay? Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Chat doubtfulbf 2018-8-8 0 1053
LANY's "Thru These Tears" is hitting me so hard Music: List What You are Listening or Listened nikkiprice 2018-8-8 0 2750
She wants an abortion to keep her dignity? Boyfriends & Girlfriends gfabortion 2018-8-8 0 1409

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