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  • stepson333  14 hour(s) ago

    My foreign stepmom is a shopaholic.

    When I was fifteen, my Dad got remarried with a foreign woman she met during wife tours. She seemed fine so I agreed with the idea. Little did I know, she has been hiding a backbone in her closet the whole time. I have witnessed my Dad striving hard so he can give me, my brother and my stepmom a better life. And here comes my stepmom, spending every dollar she can, without considering my Dad’s hard work. She has become shopaholic. She has been buying useless stuffs. I really thought she’s mom-material, but she’s not. One time, I heard her arguing with my Dad because of money. My Dad stopped giving her money for that reason and she was making a fuss about it. She’s giving my Dad hard time. I really don’t like her. What should I do with her?
  • beyondhorizon38  Yesterday 23:45

    Should I let my mom join internet brides?

    One afternoon, I went to my mother’s room because someone’s looking for her over the telephone and I didn’t know who it was. So, I went upstairs to her room. I was calling her from outside but no one answered. I knocked and still, nothing happened. Since the door wasn’t locked, I went inside. My mom was in the bathroom, so that was why. She told me to wait and I told the man on the line to wait too. While I was waiting, I saw her laptop opened on her bed. Shockingly, it was on internet brides website. She signed up and it was bad. I mean, my mom’s still sexy but she has aged. I asked her why and she said she wants to get married again. I told her to stop whatever she’s thinking because I won’t let her. She has grandchildren already and the idea is ridiculous but she insisted to join. She’s very hard headed. Should I just let her join and live the life she wants?
  • george11  Yesterday 01:00

    My girlfriend signed up for internet brides.

    I met the love of my life from an international dating blog two years ago, so basically, my girlfriend and I have been dating for two years. I wanted to marry her so I asked her two weeks ago. Unfortunately, she said NO and it broke my heart into pieces. She said she’s not ready to build a family yet and I understand. I couldn’t accept what had happened. For one week, I have been unwinding but it only made me miss her more. On the following day, I went to her house just to see her. But when I arrived there, her brother told me she moved with his fiancee abroad. I didn’t want to shed tears in front of her brother but I couldn’t stop it. She signed up for internet brides two months ago and that’s where he met his fiancee. I didn’t know what wrong I did for her to leave me like this. This feeling is killing me. What should I do?
  • thedatingman  Yesterday 00:46

    Are Thai ladies really faithful?

    I have been dating a Thai lady and we have been getting serious. We have known each other because of Latin america singles club. She even introduced me to her parents already, so I thought we’re bringing it to the next level. However, just last week when we were partying at a club, there was this one guy who approached and greeted my girlfriend. I didn’t mind at first because I myself too have girl friends who often talk to me inside the clubs. Not until they both become intimate. I mean, they were holding their hands already. The man even kissed my girlfriend’s left cheek when he left. I wonder what really they were. On our way home, I noticed my girlfriend texting with whoever it was and she seemed serious about what she was doing. I asked who she was texting with but she got mad of me and I didn’t know why. Her actions lately have been so suspicious. Is she doing something behind my back? Am I being cheated on or am I just paranoid? Help!
  • IamDOOMED23  Yesterday 00:04

    I can’t tell my Dad I hate my Shenyang stepmom.

    When my Dad introduced me to her new girlfriend, I did not like her instantly. More so when they got married. It was the saddest day of my life. I love my Dad but I can’t be happy for him. My Shenyang stepmom is an evil. She acts like an angel with my Dad’s around but when he’s not, she always acts like the queen of the house. She treats everyone in the house wickedly, including our housemaids, dogs and me. I hate her so much! I hate Shenyang women because of her! Surely, my Dad won’t believe me when I tell him how terrible she is. I can’t stand living with her; I might kill her. What should I do with that woman?
  • curiousbf  4 day(s) ago

    Need tips in dealing with Ukraine women

    My girlfriend is a Ukrainian. I have heard a lot of negative hearsays about Ukraine women. They said these women are difficult to deal with. People say Ukraine women have higher anger quotient (A.Q) than other women. I guess I proved it just now. When my girlfriend and I were just dating for about two months, she seemed fined. But now, she changed from being sweet to getting angry like every hour of every day. I’m having hard times dealing with her now. She’s sometimes annoying me and I hate it! I need your help.
  • james00  4 day(s) ago

    Looking for a shenyang woman to date with

    I have been thinking of dating Shenyang woman for weeks now. When I paid a visit there a month ago, I realized women from China are amazing, especially Shenyang women. Most foreigners who marry Chinese women are living a happy life. I bet I could be one of them too. Who wouldn’t want to have a happy life in marriage, anyway? But I’m wondering if they can easily adapt to cultural differences? Or should I be worried about it? You know, most couples usually don’t work because of that.
  • askingexbf  5 day(s) ago

    Broke up with my ex two months ago, now I want her back

    So I met my ex girlfriend from one of my classes at my university and we dated for about ten months before I ended things with her. Towards the end of our relationship, we begun arguing over the smallest details and I kept a lot of emotions bottled up, which led to my resentment towards her growing.
    Now several weeks down the line, I miss her terribly and have started seeing the error of my ways. To win her back, I started by changing certain things she disliked about my personality, such as my tendency to become passive aggressive whenever we would have one of our stupid arguments. However, I found out from a mutual friend that she is now dating a foreign student whom she met at one of those foreign socials. Now I’m wondering on whether I should continue pursuing her or meet someone else instead? Please help.
  • brokenman33  6 day(s) ago

    Does any Latin American singles club exist?

    I am currently living in a Latin American country, somewhere in the northern part. Everything seems fine at first. Not until my fiance broke up with me did I realize that I was totally shattered into pieces. She was there through my tough times, but when she left, I don’t know where to run to. However, I was encouraged by my workmates that life must go on and that I have to start dating again. I think they’re right. Now I would like to ask this: does any Latin American singles club exist? Can you recommend a reliable one? Thanks!
  • rowbeen33  6 day(s) ago

    Do Chongqing women also participate in that dog-eating festival?

    I know this sounds ignorant of me to ask but do Chongqing women participate in that terrible dog-eating festival a part of China holds every year? I’m specifically asking this because my brother is dating a Chinese woman who’s from a place in China called Chongqing. He’s a serious animal lover and he’s constantly asking me random questions like is his gf into eating dogs or something related to that. Both me and his gf try reassuring him that she’s like that and that he’s starting to sound a bit racist but he’s just paranoid since it’s almost the date of the horrid festival.
    So to help him calm the eff down, I want to hear what you guys have to say. Can someone here, preferably one who’s from China, try to answer my question? Much appreciated!
  • stillsingleat37  6 day(s) ago

    I want to meet single women in Thailand.

    I was browsing for images of women last week and I came across a blog highlighting beautiful women in Thailand. I was mesmerized and I can’t keep myself from staring closely at their profiles. Since I’ve been single for quite a long time, I now have the courage to meet single women in Thailand. Do you have any idea of their personalities? Aren’t they controlling or dominant? Thanks!
  • jake14  6 day(s) ago

    I want to write article about foreign brides

    Since high school, I have always been interested in writing articles--may that be creative or technical. Now, I want to try a mixture of both. Specifically, I want to write about foreign brides since foreign marriages are getting rampant in different societies across the globe. Of course, we can’t write something we are not immersed into. Can you recommend some legit foreign dating blogs that could serve as my references? Thanks a lot!
  • indoubt1990  7 day(s) ago

    My Dad wants me to date women from USA.

    Since I am not getting any younger, my Dad’s always been nagging me about dating US women. He even asked me to sign up to Latin America singles club just to get one. I told him I am not interested with those women but he just fired me back with lengthy speeches. It’s driving me crazy. I am more likely interested with Thai ladies but my Dad strongly objected. My Mom’s a Thai and she cheated on him. He still loves her, though. Dad doesn’t want the same thing to happen to me. I also told him all Thais are not the same but he has been so close-minded since then. He’s quite stereotyping. How can I convince him to stop that?
  • askingsingle78  7 day(s) ago

    International dating blogs for interracial couples

    I don’t want to get into details but I just want to ask for recommendations. Does anyone know any good international dating blogs for interracial couples? LGBTQ ones will also help me out. Thanks in advance.

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