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  • shuamas  21 hour(s) ago

    From the great wall of China to the seas of the Philippines

    Man,I’ve never been this ecstatic all my life, touring around cities by cities,meeting various races across the world. But, am I lucky enough? I think I couldbe merrier if I have someone with me travelling! Someone who’ll have the gutsto go skydiving with me in the skies of Dubai, someone who’ll swim with me inthe seas of Hawaii. Is there someone who can?
    Hiking on the famous great wall of China and snorkelling inthe seas of the Philippines are the activities left on my bucket list. I heardthis romance tour which gives enough opportunity in touring countries likeChina and Philippines. Aside from taking this chance to tour the countriesstated, I’ll be meeting Chinese women and Philippine women who are ready fordating and affection, I guess this is what the tour is all about. They say thatupon meeting, I can talk and have fun with them like going out everywhere wherethe tour is happening. So maybe I could ask them to join me in doing someoutdoor activities in such countries. I know ... View Full Text
  • tillimeetyou  Yesterday 23:58

    Flying to Philippines for the first time

    My mom and I will be attending a business meeting in the Philippines this March. Little did she know I’ll be visiting my Filipina girlfriend as well. Mary, the woman I met while attending Loveme’s romance tour in Cebu last month. This is also the best chance to formally introduce Mary to my mom. I’m pretty sure mom’s gonna be happy, she’s been telling me to get a girlfriend ASAP! So I guess, this act will suffice her.
    I’ll also be traveling the country for the rest of the month. My first spot will be in Siargao, I’ve been longing for a great surf. I could bring my mom there and enjoy the beaches. Next will be on Baguio and hiking the beautiful mountains in the area, I’ve heard about “Sagada” and I have no idea what that is… they say it’s beautiful, might give it a try. I’ll be introducing Mary to my mom in Baguio, making it more romantic and cozy. What do you think guys? What are other places I need to visit in the Philippines aside from these two? Thanks y’all!
    ... View Full Text
  • iloveyoubabe  Yesterday 00:07

    My girlfriend talks about settling down... what do I do?

    My Colombian girlfriend has been hinting that she wants to settle down and get married soon. She started talking about having kids and how many. Despite all that sounding great, I do believe that we’re not ready for it. It has only been 7 months since we met through LoveMe site and despite things going well and serious between us, I still think we’re not in a stage where we should be talking about marriage.
    We’ve already met and it has only been twice since we’ve been together face to face and although I agree that the distance is really troublesome, I want us to progress in a healthy time and way. I don’t want to hurt her when I talk to her about the fact that I get a bit uncomfortable when she talks about “starting a family.” Even though we are both financially stable and I know that we can afford to do all that… I just don’t feel that it’s the right time.
    It’s not like I’m saying that I won’t be marrying her nor do I have no intentions to… it’s just that, it’s not the ... View Full Text
  • orgeson  3 day(s) ago

    Meeting my girlfriend for the first time.

    I’ve been dating agirl I met through an international dating site called LoveMe. Things have beengoing really well between us and I’ve decided to come and visit her next month.I’d like for us to know more about each other together. We’ve only beencorresponding for over 2 months and I know most people would say to not rushthings and try to get to know each other more before traveling thousands ofmiles away. I believe it’s much better to get to know each other while seeingeach other face to face, so I’ve decided that I’ll stay in her country for afull month. She’s from Medellin,Colombia and I know that they have a ton of practices and culture that mostwon’t know until coming there. I would like to ask for advice on the thingsthat I should and shouldn’t while I am there… and while I’m at it, would it bewise to meet her family already too? We are still in thegetting to know each other phase and nothing completely serious, but I’d likethings to go well with us and hopefully, sh ... View Full Text

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