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  • jenna_19  6 day(s) ago

    My uncle tried to molest me. What should I do?

    My uncle is only five years older than me. We have been living in one roof since I was a baby. My mother died when she delivered me. My father is a foreign man by the way. My mom worked as their helper and she got her impregnated. I don’t have any idea where on earth he is right now. It’s my grandparents who took care of me since then. So basically, my uncle and I are like siblings. He’s a sweet uncle. I never thought he can do such thing to me. This doesn’t just happen once or twice but for the fourth time already. I wanna tell my grandparents about this but I’m afraid they may not believe me. What should I do now?
  • concern101  7 day(s) ago

    Is it rightful to choose the best partner for my son?

    My son has been single for 4 years now. As an old lady, I want my son to get married and hopefully, take care of my grandkids and be happy with someone in his life. Without his knowledge, I signed him up for a foreign dating event in his behalf. I’m pretty sure he’ll meet a respectable and loving woman from that event. I know I’m doing this for my son’s sake, but do you think this is rightful? After all, it’s all about his own happiness, especially in terms of marriage and spending the rest of his life with someone he really loves.

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2018-10-16 23:18 GMT-8

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