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  • jasonadler  The day before yesterday 01:57

    What's life after marriage?

    In two months time, I’ll set to tie the knot with my girlfriend whom I’ve been working with in a foreign job for 5 years. We have a lot of ups and downs together but still, we managed to become stronger everyday. We already planned everything once we become a married couple, even invested a lot to our future house. But I still have a question, and that involves life after marriage. What is it like after being tied for eternity? What is it like after exchanging vows? I have no doubt about her, it’s just that I’m not that prepared well in becoming an ideal husband or brother. Can someone share their experiences or testimonies to me? I would really appreciate your responses.
  • hawkgirl92  The day before yesterday 01:54

    I miss my ex-boyfriend so much

    I’ve been single for 8 months already but I can’t get over him yet. My ex-boyfriend who cheated on me through seeing another woman has left a big scar in my heart. But still, I miss him. I miss him so bad. Is that even possible for someone who was hurt so much? And I think I’m still into him. But a part of me wants to move on already, I think I deserve someone better. My friends keep on telling me that I should look for outlets to move on, like meeting some old colleagues or signing up to foreign dating events. But the main question is, can I do it? Please help me.
  • excited101  The day before yesterday 01:50

    Going to a foreign socials. Any tips for preparing?

    I signed up for a foreign socials, which I’m attending next week. I’ve never been to one of these before, so I need some tips in preparing for it. What should I wear? Any conversation topics I should avoid? I want to make a good first impression with the women I meet there, so I’m feeling quite nervous about it. Any tips are greatly appreciated!
  • cheatingbrother123  3 day(s) ago

    I saw my brother cheating on her girlfriend.

    Loyalty is a very important ingredient in a relationship. It takes honesty and trust to become a loyal partner to your girlfriend or boyfriend. But at this point of time, I’m questioning it already. My younger brother is cheating on her girlfriend. I saw him chatting with other personals in a foreign dating event, even exchanging messages about meeting in person and getting to know each other more. But the thing is, my brother is taken already! How could someone meet another woman if he’s in a relationship already? This makes me question relationships nowadays. Should I tell her girlfriend or just to talk to my brother instead?
  • boringme28  3 day(s) ago

    How do you know if you're a boring bf?

    My past relationships didn’t last because they said I’m uninteresting to be with. Most of my ex-girlfriends told me I am indeed boring and loving me is suffocating. I don’t understand why. Maybe because I’m really busy at work? But I make time for them always. I am sweet. I never failed to make them feel loved and wanted. I really don’t know what makes me a boring boyfriend. If choosing to have a private relationship is boring, then I guess I am. I’m not just fond of boasting my relationship over social media. If that is what they mean, then I am guilty.
  • ryananderson  4 day(s) ago

    She's bossy and it's killing me.

    My girlfriend is the most bossy person I know and everytime she tells me what to do, my love for her slowly fades. I love her genuinely--- it isn’t something questionable. But her attitude is very suffocating. I sometimes don’t feel that she’s really loving me coz it doesn’t seem like it. One time, I told her I’m breaking up with her because I can’t handle her anymore. Yet, she said she will kill herself if I leave her. I don’t know what to do anymore.
  • healmyheart87  4 day(s) ago

    How do you heal a broken heart?

    I broke up with my girlfriend last month yet it feels like it was just yesterday. My friends and family were always there by my side after that painful break up. They never failed to make me feel important and worth loving for. They made me realize that they are just always there loving me for who I am and I am beyond blessed for that alone. But I still can’t figure out what it is that my heart is truly looking for. Don’t get me wrong. I am glad they are there for me--- my family and true friends. But it feels like there is still something missing in me. I think I have lost myself too the moment she chose to leave me.
  • danielcooper  5 day(s) ago

    I'm hurting her and she deserves to know.

    Before I met my girlfriend, I have been seeing a woman who is very ideal for me. She is very fun to talk with. We share the same interest--- favorite books, food and music. Despite everything, she’s not ready for a serious relationship and decided to end whatever we had. We have been chatting for two years and ended it that way. Months after, I met this girl who is now my girlfriend. She’s sweet, caring and loving too but we don’t share the same interest at all. Well… except for the food. We both are into a foreign taste. I can’t help but think about the previous woman everytime we are together. Sometimes, I even feel bad that we ended the way I never expected. I thought I have forgotten about her but I guess not. My girlfriend, who doesn’t have the slightest idea about the previous woman, deserves to know about this, so I’m gonna tell her.
  • millard  5 day(s) ago

    Tom Cruise's new movie is insane

    Tom Cruise’s newmovie which is also a sequel of the old Mission Impossible films is insane! Imean, it’s very thrilling and way dope! I like how he always mesmerizes hisviewers. I like how he does those deadly stunts, very rough yet amazing at thesame time. Also, Henry Cavill’s appearance in the movie is a big YES for usfans! From being the patriotic Superman to a non-power human (well, he’s stillamazing because of his stunts and live actions!), Henry is a god! I am soexcited, especially after their appearance to a foreign tv show. Who’s with me?
  • bfdad40  5 day(s) ago

    A bf or sugar daddy?-- I dunno what I am.

    Three months of being together and yet I still don’t know what is my stand in my girlfriend’s life. She won’t like it if I give her a phone call. She gets mad whenever I hold her hands in public. She forbids me to be sweet to her. She doesn’t want her friends and family to know about us. She will be cold toward me whenever I won’t give what she asks. I don’t know if I am her boyfriend or just a sugar daddy. I’m too young for the latter anyway, but I guess I am. I realized it’s time for me to find someone who is capable of loving me for who I am. I have been stupid for three months now and it’s enough.
  • dreamingman  6 day(s) ago

    Planning the engagement party of the person I love.

    I’ve been friends with her since we were in college. She and my sister were roommates so I’ve spent a lot of time with her eating take outs and pizza. We’ve shared all those tough time in college and broke months, post-graduation. In most romantic movies, she and I would’ve ended up together but sadly this is real life. I was offered a year of internship in Madrid and it would be stupid of me to turn it down. When I got back after the program, she was already with someone. Come two years after, here I am planning her engagement party. It was a favor asked by her fiance. Kind of a surprise from the people she’s closest with. My sister is so stoked about it while I am...well sulking most times. I know it’s too late for me to say something. But when I consulted a top foreign dating coach, he said I still had a chance. I don’t know if I should cross the line. Other friends would say we were the almost lovers who wasted time waiting for each other. Does that mean she liked me too? Can ... View Full Text
  • chenlee  7 day(s) ago

    Chinese culture is giving me headache.

    I am Chinese and in our culture, love is not enough to let two people marry. Status and family lineage are big issues when it comes to Chinese people. This problem is what I’m facing right now. I am planning to marry my girlfriend even though I know from the very start that my family would object. I still tried to convince them though. My girlfriend is not Chinese like me, and she doesn’t come from a well-off family which I know for sure matters for my family. When I told my parents about it, they got mad. They won’t even listen to whatever I say. I have tried to date Shenyang women before to please them but my heart wouldn’t just beat for them. I really don’t know what to do. This is what I really hate about being a Chinese.
  • stupidbf35  7 day(s) ago

    Would you let her go even if she means the world to you?

    My friends are calling me martyr, stupid, idiot, douchebag and more because I can’t let go of the girl who made me realize I am worthy of being loved too. She cheated on me many times but I just can’t let her go. I know she’s been loving me this whole time. I was just away, that’s why she cheated. Am I wrong for still keeping her? I always believe that if you love someone, you shouldn’t let that someone go. I can’t afford seeing her with somebody else. I loved, love and will be loving her for sure. Is that wrong?

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