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  • mariewalters18  10 hour(s) ago

    My favorite volleyball team didn't make it to the finals

    I am so disappointed last Saturday. My favorite volleyball team didn't make it to the finals. They were defeated by the number two team in the league. They have been in the finals game since 2014 and they ended the chain just last Saturday. It was a failure for the team and for the rest of the fans. But that’s sports, sometimes you win or lose. With that being said, I remembered my career in sports some years ago, I was a volleyball player also, went to foreign countries to play, meet foreign tours, experienced championship games, play-offs, etc. So I understand how it felt to lose a game. Hmm, but I still love that team! One big fight!
  • shinepayne23  11 hour(s) ago

    Dad wants me to attend summer classes

    It’s vacation already but dad wants me attend summer classes. Dude, can I not just do it? I need a break with all those stuffs from our school! Dad is not so considerate about this. I already told my mom that I don’t want to but she just said, “it’s your dad, he’s the one to be followed”. Great, now what? What about my plans for this vacation? I’m even planning to go and travel this summer vacation with my friends, go to the beach, meet foreign tours, go mountain climbing. What should I do? Please help!
  • saddenhusband11  12 hour(s) ago

    It was a beautiful goodbye

    My wife have been battling cancer for a year already. Just last week, she died in my arms. It was heartbreaking, I cried a lot, but the thought of still having our kids with me is enough to say “I need to move on”. Before that tragic event, she made me promised to take care of our kids and continue with my life. It took me seconds to respond. I said “Yes”. A week before her passing, I already accepted the fact that she’ll die soon.
    This was made clearer when our family doctor attested what I was thinking. My memories with her are still fresh. Our first meeting to a romance date tour, our wedding day, welcoming our kids to our lives, until the day she closed her eyes and die. It might be unusual to say but “it was a beautiful goodbye” with her. I know she’s in the right place now. Years from now, I’ll be with her again.
  • worriedbf2018  Yesterday 21:02

    I think my gf is allergic to alcohol. What should I do?

    The other day, I was at a dating social and met my now current gf. I offered her some wine and it turns out that she’s allergic to alcohol. Her skin flushes red and she collapses on the floor with just one glass of it. I’m afraid this might happen to her again when I’m not around and I was wondering if there would be a way for me to give her some sort of remedy or medicine she can take to prevent her from fainting or feeling ill when drinking out? Any advice?
  • FireIce82  Yesterday 02:44

    Her uncle is gay, what if our son will turn out to be one?

    My wife and I are happily married, of course with a very handsome son who just turned 5 last week. But I have a problem. Her uncle is gay, who always asks about our son. I know it will sound weird but he might be a big influence to my son. What if my kid will turn out to be gay like him? And I can’t accept the fact that it might actually happen. I don’t know what to do. This has been bothering me since. Please help!
  • rickmarz  Yesterday 01:48

    Where do broken hearts go?

    Where do broken hearts go? This is not the Whitney Houston song, this is more of a personal question. Like seriously, where do broken hearts really go? My friends were telling me to attend international dating social event. They say this it’s a good place to go if you’re broken, full of heartache. But what’s in that event? How do they help someone from grief? I need a legit way to move on! Please help!
  • lovinghusband35  Yesterday 01:14

    My wife's diagnosed with breast cancer

    Just three months ago, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. The news was so heartbreaking. She has been my light since our first meeting in that foreign date live two years ago. Our doctor has already scheduled her chemotherapy. I hope this will help her. Since the breakout of the news, her countenance lessened. I often saw her smile. Our lively home transformed into something really gloomy. I want her to be happy again. How do I do that? Please help me. I can’t afford to lose her.
  • askingbf777  The day before yesterday 22:46

    How long should I wait until I'll propose to my girlfriend

    I met my girlfriend in a foreign dating event and we have been in a relationship for a year and a few months now. Although, we are in a long distance relationship, I am confident that we are quite serious about each other. We talk every single day and we have a lot of plans for the future. From time to time, we talk about weddings, kids, and all that stuff but we’ve never really discussed it thoroughly.
    Lately, serious thoughts about marriage have been popping up in my mind for some reason. This makes me curious as to when my girlfriend and I should get married. I can see a bright future with my current girlfriend but it might be too soon to judge. How long should couples wait until the ultimate question is popped?
  • concernbf78  The day before yesterday 19:39

    I worry about her safety

    My girlfriend just told me about this text that her mom received. The message basically said that her mom shouldn’t be travelling by plane this April because it was foreseen that something bad would happen to her. The unknown sender even told her that she should keep it to herself so she won’t spread the negative vibe. I know it’s really crazy and creepy at the same time! The text message sounded like a threat to her mom which makes me worry about her safety too. Her parents are actually leaving next week and her brother would be away for some date single tours. This means, she’ll be on her own with no one else with her. Should I offer to stay with her until her family’s back? Should I tell her to come over instead? What if that crazy person who sent that text was a stalker or something?
  • courtingguy82  5 day(s) ago

    How to ask her to be my official girlfriend online

    I joined a romantic tours international event last year and I think I met the girl of my dreams. Since then, we have been in constant communication with the help of the internet. We use instant messaging apps from time to time. However, our setup does not seem to be official or exclusive.
    I want to make her my official girlfriend as soon as possible. As much as I want to ask her to be my girlfriend in person, we can’t personally meet each other anytime soon. Would it be okay if I’ll ask her to be officially mine online? And if it’s okay, how should I do it? Should it be casual or should it be special? I know this is not yet even close to a marriage proposal but I really want her to feel special and I want both of us to agree on dating each other exclusively.
  • ColdStones  5 day(s) ago

    Hitting two birds in one stone

    So I’m preparing for my summer escapade to Colombia. My itinerary is already set, and I need to pack up my things in a few moments now. Aside from enjoying the country’s top tourist destinations, I’ll also get acquainted with the foreign date live I registered three weeks ago. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone. But I also want to know some great spots I can visit in Colombia, I’ll be in Cartagena for three days and will spend my four remaining vacation days in Bogota. Need help!
  • tyingtheknot2018  5 day(s) ago

    Where to buy the best suit for our wedding day?

    Two months from now I’ll be tying the knot with my Chinese girlfriend. I met her on an asian date tour some months ago. The wedding will take place in Shenzhen so I’m thinking about the best suit to wear on that day. But the thing is we might observe the traditional chinese way of marriage so I’m quite aware with the proper attire to wear. I need your help guys! Thanks!
  • stewartz78  6 day(s) ago

    My gay bestfriend wants to date a Filipina!

    I know I find it weird but I’m happy for my gay best friend who chose to date a woman. I guess he wants his sexual orientation to be changed. And she wants a Filipina! Well, I think she likes Filipinas then. I am here to ask you guys if this asian date tour will help him find that Filipina to date. Is it legit? Will this help my best friend? Please tell me so. I want what’s best for my bud!
  • JamesBunker  6 day(s) ago

    My job's keeping me away from her

    I’m engaged to my asian girlfriend I met in a foreign date live some years ago. Our relationship seems to be perfect, we travel a lot, she visits me here in the States like twice a year. I couldn’t ask for more not until I became very busy with my work. My job’s keeping me away from her. She is really affected. We even came to the point where we fight through phone calls since I can’t give her enough time to spend with. I am hurting her so bad. And I want the same old things again. Please tell me, what should I do to cope up with her?
  • mastercards77  7 day(s) ago

    My card got deducted thrice!!!

    So I was buying souvenir shirts in one of the major malls of Cebu when my card got deducted THREE times. They didn’t do it on purpose, though. On the first two tries, they said there was an error but the third one went through successfully. I thought maybe it was just some connection issue or something because it was an international card. I didn’t think much of what happened and went back to the states without worries when the romance date tour event I attended ended.
    Come in of the month, I saw my statement of account and I can’t believe all THREE transactions got charged on ME! THREE TIMES!!! The total bill would amount to about $350 multiply that by three. I already called my bank. They said they’ll look into it and investigate what happened. Is there a chance I’ll have my money back? Was it the store’s fault or my card? I’m getting impatient and very frustrated with all of these.

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