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Suicide which now has become a mainstream and a very common global and health problem which is the main leading way of death of the people. Generally it is most common in adolescent and the people with increasing ages especially. In preference young people suicide rate are much lower. Intrinsically the meaning of suicide refers to when a person deliberately attempts to take his own life to attain relief from some sort of torture, traumatic stress, substance abuse and at the time or any kind of loss. Though striving of taking one’s own death does not always end up in death. But by experiencing the first unsuccessful attempt of suicide, it can lead successful attempt of death also.
        There are many factors that contribute behind the risk of suicide, they can be genetics as such family history plays a great role, when observing a family member tends to commit suicide, the grief that overwhelms afterwards that basically leads to suicidal behavior. In addition to that, more disorder like depressive disorder, bipolar disorder rand substance abuse also contribute in the risk factors of suicide. There are further two main categories of suicide, passive suicidal ideation and active suicidal ideation. During this the person who have passive suicidal ideation does not really intend to take his own life but instead he just wish that he was dead and just have a desire to die. Nevertheless on the other hand in active suicidal ideation the person actually implies to commit suicide and he set out how he will do it. Preferably, those people who have mental disorder, the rate of suicide is much higher among them. After all suicidal ideation is also expression of mental disorder. Suicide is the tenth leading cause in United States. As such in suicide, when a person is harming one’s own self which also leads to self-injury, it happens when a person is going through a phase of depression. Throughout this phase, the person is self-harming himself by cutting one’s own self. This type of self-injury leads to typically occurs when one has to deal with numerous problems such as loss of loved ones, pressure from elders, when a person is unable to fulfil high expectation from parents to improve grades and peer pressure etc. The suicidal attempts are caused by multiple factors, it can happen because of severe anxiety, panic and impulsiveness. Many doctors regard it as different aspects such as hopelessness, despair and explained as medical explanation.
          Suicidal behavior unsettle the family system when they are not likely to consult with others about their trauma. It also happens when your loved ones more specifically mothers don’t seem to care about their child or become more over protective then they should be. Contrarily adolescent who have good family relation are less likely suffer from depressive feeling and suicidal thoughts. Abuse is also correlated with suicidal behavior, when a person who have experienced childhood physical and sexual abuse, then this person is more incline to attempt suicide.
    There is a dyadic tension involved between the suicide person and families by that escalation of stress happens among suicidal person. The question arises why people engage in suicidal behavior in the first place. In most cases the person whose parents have been separated. When their step mother used to treat them heinously all the time reported that as an escape they attempted suicide. There are another repercussion that takes place when typically suicide attempters has go through/ bear loss of loved one, valuable relationship. Though it happens when person own husband cheats them. At times, when a person very close to you die. Then person with suicidal ideation think, there is no reason from them to live. In times when people have to pay someone debt, the money belongs to them get stolen. They think that their life has ended. One of the main cause also include the sense of worthiness. Every so often, people don’t get the desired admiration or honor which they deserved. Their value is not being acknowledge, they are being neglected no matter how much they work hard. Nobody considers that’s why they tend to take extreme action of killing their own selves because they think they mean nothing to anyone. The sense of underachievement, nothingness, family tension, mental illnesses are causes of these suicide attempters. On other cases, the sense of loneliness hits a person deeply, when the person is under isolation for so long he tend to get depressed, nobody supports that person or take care of that person it incline them for wanting to die. Normally the age range of attempt survivors is 18 to 34, the young adults usually the age range of 15 to 29 have suicidal behaviors.
   People with schizophrenia have very few chances of suicide. This aspect is more prevalent among boys than girls. According to research, boys who have committed suicide have 30 fold increase in suicide risk then boys who didn’t intend to kill themselves. Girls with previous attempts have 3 fold chance than those girls who didn’t attempt to kill themselves. The young people who can’t compete to ever changing challenges and those people who have poorer problem solving skills than their peers are prone to commit suicide. Mostly the people who rely on others, waiting for somebody to figure out their problems, they don’t have tendency and are not capable of dealing with their issue, have low self-efficacy, dealing with insecurities and self-esteem issues are being the victim of self-harming themselves in the way of suicide. Family factors plays a important role in suicide cases they cover 50% in suicide cases. If a person does not have good communication with their family or involving direct conflicts with parents, this have a great impact on the person. Other main circumstances link with suicide include bullying, cyber bullying, mental, physical and sexual abuse. People who want to commit suicide are normally uncertain about their decision. The warning signs of suicide are young people lose interest in activities, changes in eating and sleeping habits, difficult in concentrating and thinking, involve in risk taking behavior and lose interest in school and sports. Sometimes people wish of dying not because they actually want to die but suffering from chronic diseases like back pain, diabetes and asthma. Many people think they are burden to others so they tend to think they are far better off without them.
          It is very difficult for normal people like us to imagine somebody somewhere is going through mental or emotional trauma that they didn’t told us explicitly which led them to taking their own life however there are always warning signs that we have missed somehow. Expectation from families’ pressure most often plays a crucial role why most people cease to hope which led them to depression and eventually to suicidal behaviors. Favourably there ae various kinds of treatment and help accessible to those feeling hopeless and wanting to end their lives.  If someone like this behaviour is around or we know them personally who is dealing with this kind of aggravating issue, we should not under any condition leave them alone and also pull out all the dangerous items from their reach. The person who is dealing from depression, we can at least ask them “Are you considering suicide” and we have to listen to that person without any kind of judgement. Most of the people commit suicide just because they want to escape from their problems and not deal with them. We should encourage them by making them more resilient and understanding their situation and give them direction they can deal with setbacks and difficulties. If he himself is not able to solve his problem then he should tell someone what’s happening with him, he should be around those people who care about him and ask them how he can deal with those issues. There are three ways to change person lifestyle by avoiding alcohol drugs, regularly exercising and sleeping well. Reassuring loved one that assistance is always available and is very much necessary. Suicidal feelings are always temporary. The most important thing is limiting access of means of committing suicide. Young adults can deal with those issue by taking proper professional assistance also.
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