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I used someone else to forget my ex girlfriend.Freshman Love Advice: Ask An Expert feelinghurt The day before yesterday 00:57 014 feelinghurt The day before yesterday 00:57
Is it normal for exes to be friends?Freshman Love Advice: Ask An Expert mariom The day before yesterday 00:05 010 mariom The day before yesterday 00:05
She's an online video game addict and I hate it.Freshman General Love, Dating and Relationship Discussions freakingout32 The day before yesterday 00:02 013 freakingout32 The day before yesterday 00:02
My girlfriend is very violent.Freshman Love Advice: Ask An Expert violentgf 3 day(s) ago 018 violentgf 3 day(s) ago
Dad is dating a new womanFreshman Family Matters animelover01 3 day(s) ago 018 animelover01 3 day(s) ago
Who will win FIFA Worldcup 2018?Freshman Football sportsman26 4 day(s) ago 017 sportsman26 4 day(s) ago
I got her pregnant but she's not ready yet.Freshman Love Advice: Ask An Expert ryanjr 4 day(s) ago 021 ryanjr 4 day(s) ago
Should I feel pity for my dad or get angry?Freshman Help and Advice thedaughter25 4 day(s) ago 022 thedaughter25 4 day(s) ago
Are online raffles real?Freshman Events askingman 5 day(s) ago 019 askingman 5 day(s) ago
My wife wants a divorce because I’m barren.Freshman Help and Advice sadhusband 5 day(s) ago 023 sadhusband 5 day(s) ago
My best friend got pregnant by an irresponsible man.Freshman Love Advice: Ask An Expert alexpp 6 day(s) ago 023 alexpp 6 day(s) ago
Does age really matter?Freshman Getting a Date mannyo 7 day(s) ago 028 mannyo 7 day(s) ago
Gf wants to get back to together. Should I go for it?Freshman Breaking Up, Reconciliation & Coping hurting999 7 day(s) ago 026 hurting999 7 day(s) ago
I am shouldering all the expenses for our wedding? No way!Freshman Love Advice: Ask An Expert bradxx 2018-7-13 024 bradxx 2018-7-13 07:19
Should I give up on a single mistake?Freshman Help and Advice cheatedgf 2018-7-13 034 cheatedgf 2018-7-13 00:09
My sister wants me to keep a secret from our parents.Freshman Help and Advice sistersblood18 2018-7-12 034 sistersblood18 2018-7-12 22:43
Her materialism makes me sick.Freshman Help and Advice materialismgf 2018-7-12 035 materialismgf 2018-7-12 01:00
Are daily fights normal?Freshman Love Advice: Ask An Expert greg84 2018-7-12 027 greg84 2018-7-12 00:14
Is it rude to reject food from Chongqing women?Freshman Shout Out a Story realson25 2018-7-11 036 realson25 2018-7-11 22:06
Will religion always matter in a relationship?Freshman Help and Advice indoubtman 2018-7-11 025 indoubtman 2018-7-11 00:25
I don’t love her anymore; how should I tell her?Freshman Relationships RaisedByWolves36 2018-7-10 035 RaisedByWolves36 2018-7-10 23:39
She’s a cheater but I can’t let her go.Freshman Help and Advice mycheatergf 2018-7-10 034 mycheatergf 2018-7-10 00:44
How do I escape from a toxic relationship?Freshman Love Advice: Ask An Expert mar12 2018-7-10 042 mar12 2018-7-10 00:04
My boyfriend overthinks a lot. What should I do?Freshman Boyfriends & Girlfriends juliegurl27 2018-7-9 030 juliegurl27 2018-7-9 23:53
She wants us to stay in her country after marriageFreshman Love Advice: Ask An Expert kevin88 2018-7-9 031 kevin88 2018-7-9 03:59
Dad's working overseas againFreshman Shout Out a Story theson25 2018-7-9 035 theson25 2018-7-9 02:55
Investing money on lotteries and free win tour raffles?Freshman Events curiousman 2018-7-8 049 curiousman 2018-7-8 21:29
How do you heal a broken heart?Freshman Breaking Up, Reconciliation & Coping brokenhearted 2018-7-6 045 brokenhearted 2018-7-6 01:58
How do you help someone from severe depression?Freshman Your Feelings & Emotional Health edzportman78 2018-7-6 040 edzportman78 2018-7-6 01:29
Need help impressing my boss.Freshman Help and Advice theemployee 2018-7-5 048 theemployee 2018-7-5 21:58
How should I tell her I want to quit?Freshman Relationships burnbern11 2018-7-5 042 burnbern11 2018-7-5 00:10
My mom dared me to date women from USA.Freshman Love Advice: Ask An Expert ali72 2018-7-4 043 ali72 2018-7-4 23:52
A foreign socials will be held here next month. Should I join?Freshman Events singleman777 2018-7-4 052 singleman777 2018-7-4 22:22
I found out that my daughter signed up as an internet bride.Freshman Family Matters ramone49 2018-7-4 040 ramone49 2018-7-4 03:44
My girlfriend is getting into my nerves.Freshman Shout Out a Story mygf118 2018-7-4 039 mygf118 2018-7-4 01:24
A foreign friend showed me a video that scared me deeply.Freshman Current Movie Talk scaredME 2018-7-3 039 scaredME 2018-7-3 22:04
Are Mexican women loyal enough to commit?Freshman Getting a Date attracted18 2018-7-2 039 attracted18 2018-7-2 23:55
Should I continue or just stop hoping?Freshman Love Advice: Ask An Expert marga93 2018-7-2 045 marga93 2018-7-2 23:42
Friend is being a pain. How to call out?Freshman Help and Advice friendship18 2018-7-2 039 friendship18 2018-7-2 21:57
My ex’s getting married next monthFreshman General Love, Dating and Relationship Discussions girlinthemirror15 2018-7-1 047 girlinthemirror15 2018-7-1 23:36
My ex is...jealous?Freshman Breaking Up, Reconciliation & Coping askingex444 2018-6-29 041 askingex444 2018-6-29 01:10
She wants me to sign a prenuptial agreement.Freshman Courtship and Marriage foreignmanforher23 2018-6-28 054 foreignmanforher23 2018-6-28 23:58
Being a wallflower does not have perks Love Advice: Ask An Expert arvin012 2018-6-28 053 arvin012 2018-6-28 23:39
what's a good movie to binge watch?Freshman Current Movie Talk arvin012 2018-6-28 032 arvin012 2018-6-28 23:36
Is a foreign brand called “Xiaomi” good?Freshman What's On Your Mind? mobileis1real 2018-6-28 044 mobileis1real 2018-6-28 22:15
We fell in love with the same woman. Help!Freshman Family Matters alwaysthegiver08 2018-6-28 039 alwaysthegiver08 2018-6-28 00:29
HELP! I don't know what to wear on our first meet.Freshman Love Advice: Ask An Expert jane12 2018-6-27 046 jane12 2018-6-27 23:37
Do Peru ladies and guys eat guinea pigs?Freshman Shout Out a Story handsome456 2018-6-27 046 handsome456 2018-6-27 21:44
How to tame a Mexican girlfriend?Freshman Love Advice: Ask An Expert nick11 2018-6-26 063 nick11 2018-6-26 23:46
Found a top foreign dating coach in a personals column.Freshman Getting a Date searchingalias 2018-6-26 041 searchingalias 2018-6-26 20:58

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