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Seek advice on general life issues and frustrations.
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Should I feel pity for my dad or get angry? Freshman thedaughter25 2018-7-18 03969 thedaughter25 2018-7-18 00:13
My wife wants a divorce because I’m barren. Freshman sadhusband 2018-7-17 01524 sadhusband 2018-7-17 00:28
Should I give up on a single mistake? Freshman cheatedgf 2018-7-13 01486 cheatedgf 2018-7-13 00:09
My sister wants me to keep a secret from our parents. Freshman sistersblood18 2018-7-12 01501 sistersblood18 2018-7-12 22:43
Her materialism makes me sick. Freshman materialismgf 2018-7-12 01437 materialismgf 2018-7-12 01:00
Will religion always matter in a relationship? Freshman indoubtman 2018-7-11 01363 indoubtman 2018-7-11 00:25
A foreign old man wants to hire me as an assistant. Freshman theassistant 2018-7-10 01336 theassistant 2018-7-10 22:23
She’s a cheater but I can’t let her go. Freshman mycheatergf 2018-7-10 01578 mycheatergf 2018-7-10 00:44
Need help impressing my boss. Freshman theemployee 2018-7-5 01481 theemployee 2018-7-5 21:58
Friend is being a pain. How to call out? Freshman friendship18 2018-7-2 01592 friendship18 2018-7-2 21:57
Is falling in love with a married woman a sin? Freshman crazyinlove143 2018-6-26 01407 crazyinlove143 2018-6-26 00:46
My girlfiend’s family disapproves me. Freshman sadbf789 2018-6-24 01422 sadbf789 2018-6-24 23:26
My girlfriend is making me feel unimportant. Freshman martyrbf777 2018-6-21 01499 martyrbf777 2018-6-21 00:49
Can foreign brides be trusted? Freshman imcurious 2018-6-20 01443 imcurious 2018-6-20 00:24
A foreign brand stole one of my designs and is making money off it. Freshman designerman 2018-6-19 01374 designerman 2018-6-19 20:54
Need tips in dealing with Ukraine women Freshman curiousbf 2018-6-15 02122 curiousbf 2018-6-15 01:07
International dating blogs for interracial couples Freshman askingsingle78 2018-6-12 01656 askingsingle78 2018-6-12 17:49
My Dad is probably cheating on my Mom. Freshman mycheatingdad 2018-6-6 01693 mycheatingdad 2018-6-6 01:29
Religious Christian joining international dating blog Freshman religious2018 2018-6-5 01964 religious2018 2018-6-5 21:28
My wife and I are thinking of starting a business Freshman businesscouple 2018-4-26 01385 businesscouple 2018-4-26 21:44
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