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Fashion Trends

Forum Author Replies Latest Post
Shoe Type Identification: Black Leather High Top Sneakers attach_img Shoes & Boots Avril-Lavigne 2016-10-4 0 2235 Avril-Lavigne 2016-10-4 03:32
For you, how many shoes is too many? I know each of us has our vices (bags are mine) Shoes & Boots Britney-Spears 2016-10-6 0 2141 Britney-Spears 2016-10-6 21:16
What item of clothing can you just not figure out? attach_img Clothing & Apparel Talk LindsayLohan 2016-10-16 0 2453 LindsayLohan 2016-10-16 00:35
What is your latest shoe purchase? Did you get a bargain? attach_img Shoes & Boots LindsayLohan 2016-10-16 0 3206 LindsayLohan 2016-10-16 01:30
Anyone with plantar fasciitis have rec's for stylish shoes? Shoes & Boots JenniferLawrence 2016-10-21 0 2330 JenniferLawrenc 2016-10-21 01:02
I cannot wear high heels, but I'm most tempted to try with these shoes attach_img Shoes & Boots JenniferLawrence 2016-10-21 0 2070 JenniferLawrenc 2016-10-21 01:10
What boots are you in love with right now? Shoes & Boots JoJo 2016-10-22 0 2323 JoJo 2016-10-22 17:31
How many clothes do you own? Clothing & Apparel Talk JoJo 2016-10-22 0 2247 JoJo 2016-10-22 17:51
If you have bunions, do you buy wide shoes? Shoes & Boots Beyoncé 2016-10-24 0 1970 Beyoncé 2016-10-24 23:07
Business casual attire: Specific colors and materials make an undershirt more unnoticeable attach_img Today's Outfit CarlyRaeJepsen 2016-10-28 0 2524 CarlyRaeJepsen 2016-10-28 07:11
Walking shoes, sneakers or boots whatever for work Shoes & Boots CarlyRaeJepsen 2016-10-28 0 2419 CarlyRaeJepsen 2016-10-28 07:24
Reverse Costume Ideas: why not see what costumes to come from our wardrobe? Building Your Wardrobe CarlyRaeJepsen 2016-10-28 0 2077 CarlyRaeJepsen 2016-10-28 08:33

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