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Showcase Your Dance (Photos & Video)

Dance Photos, Pictures, & Video
Post your dance pictures, videos, and ask for review.

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Dance Reports & Stories: Accentuate the Positive

Share your dance reports with other independent dancers!
You, too, can be a writer, by shari ...

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Dance Issues, Tips and Advice

Would you like to improve your dancing?
Discuss issues in dance and related arts (Keep it ni ...

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Your Idol Dancers and Famous Artists

Who is your dance idol? Why do you like him/her?

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Dance Reviews, Analysis and Critiques

Add your dance styles and review the works of others, to receive and give encouragement and constr ...

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Learn to Dance

Learn to Dance Forum

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Become a Dancer

Become a Dancer Forum

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College Dance

Discuss college dance programs and dance teams.

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Dance Troupes and Groups

Dance Troupes and Groups Forum

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Dance Styles and Genres

Discuss dance by styles and genres.
With so many styles of dance to choose from, how do you ...

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Dance Steps and Moves

View descriptions and illustrations of popular dance moves. Learn how to do various steps and move ...

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Stretching and Flexibility

Stretching and Flexibility for Dancers
Learn several ways of stretching to increase flexibil ...

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Dance by Country / Nationality

Discuss Dance by country.

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Dance Awards, Competitions and Contests

Discuss all aspects of dance awards, contests and competitions.

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Dance Performances, Festivals and Special Events

Dance Performances, Festivals and Special Events Forum

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Dance Music & Video

Here is the place to discuss and post video clips of any dance music or video, and discuss them or ...

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Dance Studios and Workshops

Discuss special dance training opportunities.

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Dance on Stage and Screen

Talk about dance on television, in movies and in live stage shows.

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Parents and Young Dancers

Ask questions, and share tips for young dancers, and informative articles for parents new to the w ...

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Dance Practice & Techniques

Improve Your Dancing
Learn ways to improve your dance skills and basic techniques.

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Dance Injuries, Prevention & Recovery

Dance Injuries, Prevention & Recovery Forum

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Dance and Health

Learn about how dancing can affect your health, including positive health benefits and possible da ...

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Dance School and Classes

Taking or interested in taking dance classes

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Dance Jobs

Dance Jobs Forum

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Dance Classifieds

Dance Classifieds Forum

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General Dance Discussions

Connect with others who are passionate about dance.
Learn from your favorite dancers. Expre ...

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